The Skinny on What You Eat


Weekly we receive calls inquiring on whether or not our bison meat products are 100% grass-fed, as well as the nutritional values of our products, and the differences between grass and grain finished meats. We are always happy to share our information and tell our greater story of environmental sustainability. And, if someone is really interested, we love to prattle on about species diversity and carbon sequestration! 

Nutritional Value of Bison

Interested consumers are always surprised to learn that 90% of the bison that are raised for our food supply, are grain finished in a feed-lot. Much of this confusion is caused by a lack of transparency, with many meat companies promoting grass-fed on their web-sites or signage, without informing the consumer that the animals have been grain finished. Calling companies for assurance is always a good idea, especially for those that have heightened food sensitivities.  

We also occasionally get the cost question. At a glance the costs of a sustainably raised, grass-fed/finished products may appear to be higher, but once you peel back the short term price tag and you take a look at the long term price tag, the costs become more clear. 

Steak Price Comparison

The differences between grass-fed/finished proteins vs confined grain-finished proteins are significant. Our food choices not only impact our health, but the health of our environment too.  

Thanks to all of you who make sustainable food choices. We know it takes extra time and we truly appreciate your efforts. 







  • Posted on by Midge Jolly | Earth & Sea Farm

    Thank You for your stewardship.
    Have you made a donation yet to Standing Rock?
    Water is Life

  • Posted on by Janis Griffin

    By far the very best choice of meats! I now have my dachshund on the raw bison-needless to say, she loves it!!! I fed her a raw buffalo bone; which I will cont. to offer her on a regular basis. Wild Idea Buffalo-YOU ROCK!!!

  • Posted on by Peggy Tegeler

    I see that the first thing listed on every group is WATER.Then sunshine and grass. All natural ingredients. All others are fossil fuel bases. If there is no fresh clean water there is nothing. Please keep that in mind.

  • Posted on by Mike Walker

    I am very particular about what I put into my body and your Wild Idea Buffalo meat is the only red meat I buy anymore, I love the way you field harvest your meat, not stressing out the bison, you can definitely taste the difference, the meat tastes delicious! It’s as close as you can get to wild game, without all the work! Keep up the good work, hopefully more farmers and ranchers will adopt your methods!

  • Posted on by Susan Will

    Your Wild Idea bison meat is incredibly good. People have told me 100% grass-fed meat is too tough but I beg to differ. Yes, the price is more but I eat less meat these days and almost all of it is your bison meat. I find my meals become more worthwhile and totally enjoyed. And I serve it to guests, who are always amazed. Thank you so much.

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