"The Week Just Passed" by, Dan O'Brien

Our culture suffered a setback during the busy week just passed. Many people are deeply upset and there are those who couldn’t care less. The election, of course, is a big story. But I’m not sure it should be. Elections come and go.

Some of the clarity gained over the last five or six decades will no-doubt fade, but the nugget of what was revealed in that time will remain. We know much more about what makes us human than we did fifty years ago. Whether you are an admirer or not, you have been enriched by the mile-marker that was passed last week. We’ve been helped to understand that, no matter how differently we approach life, we strive for the same things. Respecting differences is of paramount importance. If we have learned nothing else, we should have learned that, difficult as life is, it goes on. We are all better people for the era that ended on November 10th. The death of Leonard Cohen should sadden us all.

                                    Like a bird on the wire

                                    Like a drunk in a midnight choir

                                    I have tried, in my way,

                                    To be free

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  • Love going back to read these blogs when people were writing with a raw nerve. We are 1.5 years on and the world has not ended, the environment has not collapsed, and I have money to order expensive food to be shipped across the country. Life is good and is much better for many of us. This election, just like another football season, passes into the history books. And like many said, never mix business with politics, understand that Trump supporters (and your customer base) are much more diverse than you think. We all deserve respect. If you don’t agree please cancel my order of around $700 I just placed to be shipped to WI. Should be easy to find…

  • The last refuge of the insomniac is a sense of superiority to the sleeping world. —Leonard Cohen

    Keep up the great work, Dan.

    Chuck Beatty
  • It takes very little awareness to realize that a mass of people have awakened to their deepest feelings as a result of the elections. If the status quo was feeling enthused before the results were tallied, they are surely quickened all the more now that a new era has begun. It all spells a most robust discourse in the offing for everyone facing the awesome opportunity to buy wild grass fed bison never fattened in feed lots! And help bring on the most amazing game preserve and international wildlife panoramas in the world at the North American Bison Rangelands Park!! Come on you Dakotans and Saskachewanis, and Manitobans. . .get your buffalo groove on for the rest of mankind to gawk at!!! Together we stand. . .and sit. . .and eat better after praying, too.

    Vernon Cross
  • So long, Marianne. It’s time that we began to laugh and cry and cry and laugh about it all again!

    Sybille Crane
  • Thanks for getting me caught up Dan, I’ve been immersed in the rut !

  • I also want to reiterate, I absolutely love all of your products and I have tried almost all of them! Thank you for doing such an excellent job in every way. Sincerely,

    Bryan Edwards
  • Like some People have Pointed out Don t Mix Business w Politics the People Have Spoken and Now We Have To Come Together As One If We Are To Save Our Values and Religious Rights and Save This Great Country Of Ours May God Bless Each And Everyone Of Us

    Cathy Hatcher
  • We learn every day. I hope we can grow. Politics affects us, our families and our earth. Let me say I was upset and angry about this election. After much thought and reflection, I think we need to talk. Not post opinions, but talk to our friends and family. Some of us will have to learn how to do that. Both sides had the right idea. Let’s put it together. Make America great and we are stronger together. Let’s work together to find out what we agree on and go on from there. America used to do this, but by not talking we have alienated ourselves and our representatives have, mostly not all, taken advantage of that. I am no longer angry. I hope to learn what happened. Half the country can’t be wrong. Whichever side you are on.

    Rita Gorra
  • Dan, I have to agree with comments like Dave Papritz left. I do really enjoy most of what you write, but putting politics into your bison ad is not what I would have expected. Having to read insane comments like Maradee left just is just infuriating. It opens up the door to have those with a different idea of what could have happened if the other politician got elected and strays from the point of what you and your family is doing.

    Robert Maccargar
  • Thanks Dan, allways a pleasure to read your words. Intelligence, common sense, tolerance and tenacity will be useful in the years to come.
    Greetings from France

  • I, for one, am saddened by the passing of Leonard Cohen, as I was saddened by the passing of Pete Seeger a year ago. Leonard was a fine poet, writer, and performer, as well as a compassionate thoughtful human being. His words give us much to contemplate in these troubled times. This world could use a lot more like him.

    Jon Crane
  • I am not happy to see you are mixing politics with business! Maybe 60 mil voters do not believe the results of this election “culture suffered a set back”. Look what has happened to the NY Times. Wait until you see Walmart, Starbucks and others earnings this quarter reflecting boycotts. You have heard the expression “Don’t tread on me”? Clue…hard working Americans of all collars are tired of paying for people who do not work.

    Bryan Edwards
  • There has been a passing of two eras on Nov. 10. One artistic, the other political/humanitarian. I think Dan referred to both and was intentionally vague to allow each of us to choose which one, or both, we wished to mourn.

    Kerry Montgomery
  • I never tire of the beauty and wisdom of your words and thoughts, and courage.

  • It’s nice to try to be objective and level-headed, but as a rancher, you should be deeply concerned that this election means the overturning of the Paris and Kyoto accords. Bye-bye habitat.


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