Traditional Native American Buffalo Harvests


A couple of weeks ago, traditional Native American Buffalo Harvests took place on Wild Idea Buffalo Company producers ranches.

Native Prayer Over BuffaloOn the Cheyenne River Ranch, Wambli Ska Okolakiciye, a Lakota organization that teaches youth the importance of their culture as a solution to bring forward the sources of strength and resiliency to address the changes they face, came out to harvest a buffalo in their traditional way. 

Sage Washing of BuffaloForty-five youth were in attendance, along with elders and spiritual leaders. Prayers were offered, songs were sung and the native drum filled the morning sky.

Native Buffalo HarvestChris White Eagle, our plant manager and WSO leader, along with other Wild Idea employees and Native elders, lead the way in breaking down the carcass. It was a joyful time, with lots of laughter and thanksgiving. 

Diamond 4 D RanchIn Montana on the Diamond 4 D Bison Ranch, manager Chris Bechtold worked with the Director of Indian Education of the Great Falls Public Schools to experience the same. 

Native American Indian EducationThe director spoke to the students about the land, the history of the Black Feet people, and the importance of the buffalo before the harvest began. 

Native Buffalo HarvestThe education continued as the carcass was being broken down, leaving no part unused. 

It was a wonderful experience and day for all. We are honored to be a part of our area Native American communities and to work along side them, learning and growing, and building bridges together through the American Bison. Thank you, Pilamaya, Nitsíniiyi'taki.


  • Posted on by Vernon Cross

    It’s taken 150 years, but thanks to folks like you O’briens I can grow old knowing the bison will be returned and the indigenous peoples will rally to the wisdom of sage elders en masse while learning regenerative truths for re-greening the land and restoring our hope to be fully reunited with the first nations of this continent. Educated Indians of the 21st century—now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

  • Posted on by Lisa C Musgrave

    You guys make me so proud to be a customer!

  • Posted on by Allison Fahrenbach

    Your reverence for- and support of- Native Americans, their past history and their present culture- makes me so proud to be a frequent Wild Idea customer. ❤️

  • Posted on by Joyce Millikan

    Thank you for sharing this timely info. It’s such a great example to those of us who live in small towns and cities, how much dedication, love and work goes into building enduring relationships across unfamiliar cultural spaces. Go Wild Idea!!

  • Posted on by Kenneth James

    Thanks for sharing this wisdom. And reverence for Native American Culture and Heritage.

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