We Can’t Stop Having Fun With Our New Product!

We've been busy here at Wild Idea Buffalo Company - working on our latest Wild Idea! We love this new product and are still having great fun introducing it! You're going to love the product too, and we hope you find the video equally as fun! 


Shop our all new BUFF Burger 6-Pack here.

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  • Just wanted to send out kudos – GREAT product!! … AND I love your BUFF commercials – hilarious!! Gotta keep that sense of humor … it’s critical! ; )
    Keep up the good work … now I’m off to order a 6 pack of burgers!!

    Joan L
  • I absolutely love ❤️EVERYTHING about you guys! Oh, yeah, the delicious bison meat as well ?

  • Your buffalo is awesome, tasty and healthy at the same time, and I like the sense of humor in your ads. Don’t get me wrong, the serious ones are informative, but it is good to show that you are real people and not a faceless factory.

    Kevin Trimble
  • Dear Cheri.

    Thank you for taking the time to let us know how you feel about our marketing. We are sorry that you feel that our videos have been done in bad taste and that you find them filthy. Rest assured clothes are on at all times.

    As you know, Wild Idea’s main product is prairie conservation and prairie restoration for an improved environment. The buffalo meat that we sell is a by-product of those efforts. People, such as yourself, that care about those things are more likely to find us. However, getting others to care about those issues is more challenging. Discussing hard subjects like; carbon sequestration, specie diversity, soil health doesn’t always draw a crowd. But, if we can engage with people in other ways (fun ways) and show them a delicious, juicy burger – we might be able to broaden our sales base, but more importantly we might be able to pull them into the greater conversation of they above mentioned.

    Education is also part of what we do and we need to use all of the tools in our toolbox.

    We value you greatly as a customer, and certainly appreciate your past support and business. It is our hope that you will understand our play on the BUFF Burger and have a change of mind.

    Respectfully – Jill O’Brien

    Jill O'Brien
  • yes would like more information on your bison meat and the prices and shipping to my house thank you don kunkel

    donald kunkel
  • You all are nuts – but in a good way. What a hoot!

  • I am so disappointed with your company, with the two videos of people striping their clothes off, to sell your product. You have the best bison I have ever bought. But you resorted to this filth to sell it.
    I just wanted you to know, and why I don’t purchase from you any longer.
    I am subscribing from your site.
    Thank you for listening to my opinion of this.


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