Wild Idea Moms Get Buff

The health benefits of 100% grass-fed/grass-finished protein cannot be overstated. It’s naturally lean profile makes it lower in fat, calories and cholesterol, but higher in protein and antioxidants, and it’s loaded with omega-3’s! Up to six times more omega-3’s than grain-finished meats. Wild Idea’s buffalo meat products are the right idea for anyone wanting to eat more healthfully, but did you know they are essential for pregnant mothers. 

Doctors recommend that women wanting to become pregnant, or that are pregnant or nursing should consume a serving of grass-fed protein daily. In addition to the omega-3’s, our grass-fed bison meat is high in vitamin and minerals, including; Vitamin E, D, K2, zinc, beta-carotene, selenium, and is a fabulous source of iron!

This powerhouse protein is not only the best for healthy moms and healthy babies, but studies continue to prove that the benefits of a healthy diet for baby continues to have positive effects into childhood and even adulthood.

For healthy moms and healthy babies, there’s no better choice than Wild Idea Buffalo meat.

"Wild Idea, the perfect protein for moms, babies, and even if you are not pregnant.” Warning, our products taste so good you may want to eat it au’natural!

Healthy Families



  • Posted on by Kenneth James

    Great marketing! You can almost smell the ‘Buff’ grilln’ and taste the great flavor in Wild Idea Buffalo burgers in this latest promo… Hear Here! Keep ’em coming Wild Idea!

    The health benefits are just a placebo/bonus but also great for those that might not eat Buffalo without ’em!

  • Posted on by Charles E. (Chuck) Whelchel

    Since I recently discovered both the taste and the low fat properties of Buffalo meat, I’ve been hook hooked> But again, myself being a military retiree, The comparative cost of Buffalo meat STRAINS the budget? That’s the reason ALL my single purchases will be $250.00 or more. I have no choice. bUT IT’S A WILD TRIP.,

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