Big Earthly News from Wild Idea Buffalo Company

Wild Idea Buffalo Co. has found greener pastures with GREEN CELL FOAM. We are proud to announce that we have switched our foam liners to a non-GMO corn based product that is:

  • Compostable -Biodegrades in less than 60 days
  • Water Soluble (you can pour it on your plants as plant food)
  • Burns Clean
  • Produces 80% Less Green House Gases
  • Uses 70% Less Energy to Produce
  • And, Keeps the Best Meat on the Planet in Quality Condition!

Check it out today and take advantage of 20% off our special Earth Day Steak Collection. Better yet, add any of our juicy steaks to a bundle and your order will ship for free!

Go green, and stay lean, with Wild Idea Buffalo Co.
Supporting the earth 365 days a year!

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