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November 06, 2015


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Sensational Summer Sausage Sandwiches

Cold cuts with garden fresh vegetables stuffed into a hoagie roll will satisfy the hungriest of appetites on a hot summer day.  Wild Idea’s 100% Grass-fed, nitrite free Buffalo Salami makes it not only more delicious but healthier, too! Now, how about a picnic?
Bison Summer Sausage

Ingredients: per sandwich
4 – ounces Wild Idea Buffalo 10 oz. Summer Sausage
1 – small tomato, sliced
1 – teaspoon olive oil
¼ – teaspoon each, salt & pepper
1 – handful fresh garden greens
4 – fresh basil leaves
2 – tablespoons mayonnaise
2 – tablespoons basil pesto, recipe below
1 – hoagie roll


1)   Slice the Wild Idea Buffalo Salami into ¼ to ½ inch circles. Remove outer paper rind.

2)   Season the sliced tomatoes with the olive oil, salt, and pepper.

3)   In a small mixing bowl, mix the mayonnaise and the pesto together.

4)   Slice hoagie roll, leaving it hinged. Generously spread the pesto mayonnaise on the top and the inside top and bottom of the hoagie roll.

5)   Layer on the Wild Idea Buffalo Salami, seasoned sliced tomatoes, garden greens, and basil leaves. Your masterpiece is complete!

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