Cowboy Ribeye

I love, love, love ALL of WIB’s steaks but had never tried the Cowboy Ribeye. Being as it is a big boy, it seemed a perfect candidate for the Sous Vide method to ensure even doneness throughout.a couple slices of medium buffalo bone-in ribeye with crustinis and vegetables on decorative platePacked the bag up with olive oil, smashed garlic, fresh thyme, bay leaves, Kosher salt and ground pepper.buffalo bone-in ribeye in a ziploc bag with marinadeDid Sous Vide at 126 F for 1 hour and then finished on a hot charcoal grill for a nice char and flavor. Let rest for 5-10 min. (I KNOW, it’s hard to wait!) Fantastic! Great presentation with the bone!grilled & sliced buffalo bone-in ribeye on white cutting board with knifepieces of sliced bread drizzled with olive oil and cut up radishes on sheet pan

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