Cowboy Ribeye


Recipe created by customer, Ann R.

I love, love, love ALL of WIB’s steaks but had never tried the Cowboy Ribeye. Being as it is a big boy, it seemed a perfect candidate for the Sous Vide method to ensure even doneness throughout.

buffalo bone-in ribeye in a ziploc bag with marinadePacked the bag up with olive oil, smashed garlic, fresh thyme, bay leaves, Kosher salt and ground pepper.Did Sous Vide at 126 F for 1 hour and then finished on a hot charcoal grill for a nice char and flavor. Let rest for 5-10 min. (I KNOW, it’s hard to wait!) Fantastic! Great presentation with the bone!

a couple slices of medium buffalo bone-in ribeye with crustinis and vegetables on decorative plate


  • Posted on by Jill OBrien

    Hi Amelia. Thank you for your comment and questions. The recipe above is from one of our customers, but you can for sure get wonderful results without a sous vide. Here is the link to our basic cooing instructions:
    We also have videos on how to grill or sear as well, which you can find here:
    As for Bacon, I cook over medium high heat, in a little bit of olive oil until crispy. We will get it added to our “how to – basic instructions”. Thank you again Amelia.

  • Posted on by amelia wright

    How about how to cook it without the fancy cooking device………. please……..Also, how to best cook your bacon……….Please….. thanks, amelia from MD

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