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July 23, 2017


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Savory Grain Recipes

The trio of grains add an additional layer of textures and flavor. Feel free to switch out the mint with basil or dill, based on your taste. You can also sprinkle some crumbled feta on top right before serving, or better yet, serve with warm pita’s smeared with goat cheese and topped with Kalamata olives! Great as a meal itself, or use as a side dish. Next time I will make my grandfather’s recipe for Kibbeh and serve together!

TaboulehIngredients: (Recipe can easily be doubled.)
½ - prepared Kale & Kamut, about 1½ cups
½ - cup cherry tomatoes, chopped
½ - cup red onion, finely chopped
¾ - cup parsley, chopped
2 to 3 – tablespoons mint, julienned
¼ - cup lemon juice
¼ - cup olive oil
½ - teaspoon cracked pepper
pinch of chili flake – to taste
pinch of salt – to taste 


  • Prepare the Kale & Kamut Savory grains per direction, adding only ¾ cup water. Divide the prepared grains in half, reserving the other for later use, or use all to make a double batch for a larger group.
  • Add the grains and vegetable to a bowl and toss to incorporate.
  • Drizzle with the lemon and the olive oil and season to taste.
  • Serve at room temperature or store in the refrigerator until needed, pulling an hour or so before serving.


Buffalo & Sugar Snap Stir Fry with Mustard Ginger Glaze on Kale & Kamut Savory Grains
This is a new favorite go-to-recipe when I am pressed for time. The convenience of our Premium Steaks Strips and the Kale Kamut Savory Grains - will help in putting  dinner on the table in a snap. 15 minutes total time and it delicious!

Buffalo Stir FryIngredients:
1 - 1 pound package Premium Buffalo Steak Strips
1½ - tablespoons olive oil
8 to 12 - ounces sugar snap peas, sliced
¼ - cup green onions or chives, sliced
2 - tablespoon Dijon mustard
2 - tablespoon sesame oil
2 - tablespoon honey
2 - tablespoon lemon juice
1 - tablespoon tamari
1 - tablespoon ginger powder
½ - teaspoon salt
½ - teaspoon black pepper
½ - teaspoon chili flake
lemon wedges

1 - package Kale & Kamut Savory Grains


  • Rinse steak strips and pat dry with paper towels. Transfer to a bowl and drizzle with half a tablespoon of olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper. Toss to coat.
  • Prepare the Savory Grains. I use a little less water (¾ cup) to keep them from sticking together.
  • Prep vegetables and whisk together glaze ingredients.
  • In a large sauté pan over high heat, heat one tablespoon of olive oil and add half the steak strips allowing to brown before tossing. Sauté for about 4 minutes. Remove steak strips with tongs and transfer to a plate add the remaining steak strips and repeat.
  • Return the first batch of steak strips to the pan and add the sugar snap peas and onions. Toss with tongs to incorporate. Immediately add the glaze and toss to coat.
  • Remove the pan from the heat.
  • Serve over Kale & Kamut Savory Grains and accompany with lemon wedges.


Sweet & Savory Mushroom Grains
We all know that mushroom and onions are a dynamo combination, but when you add a little sweet it is a sensational celebration of flavors! You are going to love this! Recipe Included with purchase.
Patagonia Provisions Savory GrainsOr, try the above recipe with our ready-to-grill Sea Salt Herbed Tri Trip Steaks, which are part of this months July Special! Recipe included with purchase. 
Patagonia Provisions Savory Grains


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