Steak Tartare - Korean Style (Yukhoe)

The quality of our Ground Sirloin starts with 100% pure prairie grass-fed buffalo, which makes the perfect main ingredient for any Tartare. In this recipe, I’ve added some Asian seasoning for the Korean version of this dish, which is called Yukhoe.

Buffalo Steak Tartare

When visiting France, one dish that is served often and in copious amounts, is Steak Tartare. I decided to replicate this recipe with Wild Idea's 100% Grass-Fed Sirloin Steaks for a delicious, light and elegant dish. A favorite of mine and of any that try it!

Eggs Benedict with Buffalo Bresaola

The subtle tang of our cured meat pairs very well with farm-fresh eggs and buttery, lemony Hollandaise sauce! You're going to love this rendition!

Breakfast Sausage & Egg Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwiches

My mother's buttermilk biscuits, made with fresh, homemade buttermilk were a family favorite. What makes them even better is Wild Idea's Buffalo Breakfast Sausage, a farm fresh egg and cheddar cheese!

Salami, Onion & Jalapeño Sandwich

This sandwich received national attention on NPR, during Dan O’Brien’s book review for Stolen Horses. In the book the sandwich is constructed with great attention to detail and is a laugh out loud scene. The sandwich is as delicious as the novel!

Sausage Stuffed Pomme de Terre

It makes great sense to put 100% grass-fed bison meat inside the apple of the earth. Golden roasted potatoes, with our Wild Idea Buffalo Breakfast Sausage and blue cheese make for a wonderful combination.

Navajo Bison and Corn Dumpling Stew

This light stew allows each ingredient to stand on its own. Although you immediately think hearty comfort food, this ...

Chili Spiced Uncut Short Ribs with Tangy Mop

We had a pre-fathers day celebration at the ranch last weekend; it was loaded with children’s laughter, proud parents, beaming grandparents and great food. Our guests brought sides and dessert, (a great way to throw a party) and I was on the Buffalo Ribs. Not just any ribs - but uncut buffalo short ribs, measuring at about 1 foot square, these make for a very impressive presentation.  The kids thought they were cool and experience has taught me that if you can please a child - you’ve nailed it. My preparation is as follows. I use a foil steaming method for this recipe, which is great for hot summer months, when you want a hot meal, but a cool house.

Prairie Harvest Green Chili Stew

The flavors of the prairie enhanced with roasted green chilies of the Southwest make for a great pot of stew.

Deep Dish Rustic Buffalo Pizza

This is an adaptation of a recipe from a gourmet magazine, from years ago.

Jerk Tri-Tip with Orange Glaze and Bulgar Wheat Salad

The Tri-Tip cut is a favorite of chefs. The meat is flavorful and the marinating makes this cut butter-knife tender. The natural nuttiness of Bulgur Wheat Salad makes for a nice accompaniment.

Cabbage Rolls in Tomato Sauce

I remember my grandma Mosey making these like it was yesterday. Enjoy!
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