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Dear Concerned Consumer,

Wild Idea Buffalo Company’s “Standard Operating Procedures”, which includes safety and sanitation, have always been our main priority in supplying you with a healthy, sustainable and safe red meat. These procedures and policies are monitored daily by a state inspector.

During this critical time, we too have put additional safety and sanitation measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control into place to ensure the safety of our employees, our product and our customers.

Additional Safety Measures:

  • Employee’s temperatures are taken twice daily; once before their shift starts and the second at mid-day.
  • Face masks and gloves are provided and required for all on-site employees.
  • Additional hand washing stations have been implemented throughout.
  • Employees are told not to come to work if they are sick, or if they have even a slight temperature.
  • Use of shared equipment is limited.
  • Daily safety briefings are conducted.
  • Although we continue to work together as a team, we are practicing the social distancing guidelines set by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in all of our departments, to the best of our ability. We have also separated departments from co-mingling.
  • Throughout the day, surfaces are frequently cleaned, (which is also our normal standard operating procedure).
  • Our local store, is currently curbside pick-up only to keep our staff safe.

In addition, if you are new to Wild Idea Buffalo Co. you may not be aware of our process to bring our customers the best red meat on the planet. The process includes the following:

Wild Idea Buffalo Company’s Process:

  • Our animals are 100% grass-fed/grass-finished and graze 365 days a year on large landscape grasslands.
  • There is NO confinement and our animals are NEVER hauled to a slaughter facility.
  • We believe in giving our animals the room to roam, with lots of love during their life and dignity in death.
  • All animals are humanely harvested in the pastures where they graze. For more information and transparency visit our Humane Field Harvest page here.
  • The carcasses are then taken to our plant in Rapid City, SD, where they are cut into fine roasts, steaks and premium ground bison meat by skilled artisan meat cutters.
  • We manage the whole process from the prairie to the package, with great care and attention.
  • Wild Idea Buffalo Co. is a small family run meat company that works with other like-minded ranchers who follow our large landscape ranching protocol and animal husbandry. Collectively, we will harvest around 900 animals for the year of 2020. For more detailed information regarding our Beyond Organic philosophy, click here

Shipping Adjustments:

  • Due to the high volume of shipping our carriers are experiencing, there have been some delays. To ensure success with your delivery, all packages are being packed with extra coolant.
  • As always, you will receive tracking information once your order has shipped. We too will monitor your package until it arrives successfully to your door.
  • Additional shipping information can be found on our store ordering page.

We are very grateful to be able to continue to supply conscientious consumers, with a healthy meat during this unstable time, and always. We assure you that we will not let our guard down or the standards in our process, now or ever.

We thank you for your business and in trusting us to be your sustainable, healthy red meat purveyor.

Big Buffalo Strength to You All.

Dan & Jill O’Brien, Jilian & Colton Jones and the Whole Wild Crew

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