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possible burgerpossible burger


What if you could have your burger and save the planet, too?

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Wild Idea Buffalo Company believes in choosing meat and whole, plant-based foods that are grown sustainably and organically. That’s why our Possible Burger is made with 100% Great Plains grass-fed buffalo meat, lightly seasoned with organic olive oil, organic black pepper and sea salt. It’s pure, mouthwatering bison flavor in the only burger on Earth that supports healthy people and a healthy planet.


The by-product of animals raised as nature intended  on water, grass and sunshine  and that are humanely field harvested, results in healthy, sustainable meat you can feel good about eating. And, like the soil itself, it is nutrient-rich. It’s bison meat that protects our planet and nourishes our bodies. Simply put, it’s good food.

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Possible Burger Trio

It's Possible.

Enjoy your burger and save the planet. Savor Wild Idea Buffalo Company’s Possible Burger today.