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Trachea - Dried

We start with 100% Grass-fed - Field Harvested Buffalo Tracheas. Each trachea is trimmed, sliced, and cut to approximately 4" in length. Tracheas are hand racked and dried.

  • Excellent treat for joint support!
  • High in glucosamine which naturally occurs in trachea
  • Great treat for all life stages including older dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other joint problems
  • Support dental health
  • Reduces tartar build up
  • Easily digestible!
  • Single ingredient treat!
  • Perfect chew for dogs with allergies
  • 100% Grass-Fed Buffalo 
  • 100% Humanely Field Harvested
  • 100% antibiotic free and hormone free
  • 100% Free Roaming
  • 100% free from any preservatives, chemicals, and additives
  • Always monitor your pet when giving treats, bones, or chews

Package Options:

  3 ounces (avg. 2 pieces)
10 ounces (avg. 6 pieces)

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