Looking to order larger quantities of buffalo? Our quarter, half, and whole buffalo bundles are a great option for you! We offer pre-set cut sheets to ensure that your order can be delivered in a timely manner. See below for cut sheets and ordering information.
All quarter, half, and whole buffalo orders will be processed via email to ensure we can provide the best care possible for such large orders. Just click the "ORDER NOW" button and you will be directed to our email! Alternatively, you can reach out to us at info@wildideabuffalo.com and we will be happy to take care of you and answer any questions.

$1579.79 | Quarter Buffalo

Enjoy grass-fed, field harvested greatness with a variety of steaks, roasts, and delicacies. Even better, you can enjoy 20% bundle savings!

$3,149.49 | Half Buffalo

If the quarter buffalo just isn't enough, our half buffalo bundle offers may be perfect for you. Don't worry - you'll still get 20% savings!

$6,549.49 | Whole Buffalo

Looking for the most grass-fed, field harvested buffalo in one bundle? Look no further than the whole buffalo bundle. With 20% bundle savings, it doesn't get much better than this.
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