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Buffalo Recipies

August 13, 2019

Buffalo Steak with Blistered Tomato Sauce

Many food items can stand on their own, but sometimes you hit a trifecta, where the equal balance of each emulsifies with the other and creates a party in your mouth.

You are going to love this dish. Simple. Delicious. And... easy.  Note: I used the Hanger Steak/ Hanging Tender for this recipe, but any of our premium steaks would work as well.

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August 07, 2019

Buffalo Bacon Caprese Salad with Sweet Basil Vinaigrette 

Fresh garden tomatoes and fresh mozzarella are a dynamo combination. Adding butter lettuce and buffalo bacon... make it even better!

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June 28, 2019

Favorite Summertime Recipes

Here are a few of our favorite "Jill" recipes to help make your summer or next celebration a little more delicious!

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May 30, 2019

Kofta Kebabs

Aromatic herbs and the slightly sweet, clean goodness of Wild Idea’s grass-fed/finished Ground Chuck makes for a winning combination. This recipe makes a wonderful appetizer or could also be served as an entrée.

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April 12, 2019

Buffalo Osso Buco

This classic Italian dish (typically made with veal), but fabulous with bison, is a favorite of mine. The slightly sweet, rich, grassy goodness of our bison meat braised in white wine and lemon is a winning combination. Although I prepare it year round, it is always my go-to meal for our family Easter celebration. I’ve done a little cooking video to show you the steps. 

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March 20, 2019

Hot & High then Low & Slow Roasting Method

Jill’s latest cooking video will show you how to get a Sirloin Tip roast, “Prime Rib” tender. It’s almost too good to be true... but it's true! And, the best part is that it requires very little “hands-on” kitchen time! A perfect solution for spring when its time to get outside!

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March 15, 2019

Creamy Potato Leek Soup with Corned Buffalo Brisket

My version of a “hot” Vichyssoise, but with added ingredients that make it oh-so-fabulous. You will crave it after it’s gone!
Potato Leek Soup with Corned Brisket
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February 15, 2019

Hybrid Buffalo Broth

I two have a few variations of making broth/stock. For this recipe I thought I would make a hybrid and pull the best steps (in my opinion) from each. I've also used our full array of bones that we offer, including the hock and the collagen bones. I really loved the results. It is delicious by itself, or use it in the making of Pho (pronounced FUH). So good is it and so good for you too!

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February 13, 2019

Grilled Bacon, Tomato, Avocado and Cheese Sandwiches

Sensational flavor in every bite!

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February 13, 2019

Buffalo Bacon, Berry & Blue Cheese Salad with Hot Bacon Vinaigrette

A true example that yes, Bacon does make everything taste better!

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