5 Spice BBQ Buffalo Ribs

This recipe was inspired by Dr. Mark Hyman. I stayed true to the seasonings but modified the technique from baking to braising, as it has been my experience that baking true 100% grass-fed/grass-finished meats does not work. Braising is required to break down the connective tissues for a fall-off-the-bone tenderness. The results were delicious!

Curried Short Ribs

This recipe is perfect for when you want a great meal but have limited time. The aromatic flavors will bring the curious to the kitchen. Note: If using Back Ribs, reduce cooking time to one hour.

Buffalo Enchiladas

This recipe will leave you wanting "one more bite"! A great make ahead meal for family gatherings or entertaining! Or, make up a batch for the next tail-gate event. The recipe is easy, but the assembly can be a little fussy. I've added a short cut option at the end for when time is tight. I promise you, you are going to love, love, love this!

Pulled Chuck Tacos

If you are looking to feed a crowd or to make a fabulous product for many meals, this recipe is one to hold on to. The Chuck Roast is one of my favorite cuts, as it is so flavorful. And, it’s super simple and only has 4 ingredients!

Grilled Steak Burgers with Harissa Mayonnaise

Living in the country, an hour away from the closest grocery, I often substitute ingredients in recipes, which can sometimes lead to a whole new recipe. My rendition of Harissa Sauce is one of those recipes. It’s my new favorite sauce and although it is terrific on everything (including a spoon).

Ground Bison - Basic Cooking Instructions

Our naturally lean Ground Buffalo is a healthy, delicious staple for all of your favorite ground meat dishes! You can literally go wild: grill, sear, bake, broil or sauté.

Bison Steak - Basic Cooking Instructions

Because Wild Idea Buffalo steaks are naturally lean, we recommend that you cook them no more than medium. I have broken the cooking suggestions down per cut, followed by grilling/searing instructions.

Bison Roasts, Ribs & Stew Meat - Basic Cooking Instructions

Our roasts and ribs harken back to images of Sunday suppers past…only better. These flavorful cuts are great in marinades, recipes that call for slow cooking, roasting, and grilling.

Cowboy Ribeye

I love, love, love ALL of WIB’s steaks but had never tried the Cowboy Ribeye. Being as it is a big boy, it seemed a perfect candidate for the Sous Vide method to ensure even doneness throughout.

Build a Better Burger Contest

A great Burger starts with great ingredients! May is National Burger Month, so let's have some fun and build your best burger with Wild Idea Buffalo Company's 100% Grass-Fed/Grass-Finished Ground Buffalo and build a better burger!

Faux Bison Tenderloin (Round Heel Steak)

This isn’t really a recipe, just a preparation technique.  Don’t let your diners see the first 3 steps.  Tell your diners that the main course will be Bison Tenderloin.  

Stick It, Stuff It or Wing It!

I love products that are partially prepped, as it makes for less time in the kitchen. The below recipes are for our Stir Fry Strips, which cook up in a jiffy for healthy, delicious meals. I had a little fun with them and I hope you do too!  
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