Health & Wellness Trends 2023

At the turn of each new year, I reevaluate my personal health and make a resolution to try a little harder, do a little better. And turning 60 this year has me taking an even closer look. Being healthy has always been a roller coaster for me...

Why Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished?

Ruminant stomachs are not designed by nature to digest high volumes of starch and grains. As grazers, buffalo and beef cattle are unable to safely consume and metabolize grains and corn feed.

Meat With a Side of Cortisol

Our Food Supply More than 90% of cattle and buffalo in the U.S. are sent to feedlots and slaughterhouses. The process...

Native American Culture & Community

This past weekend our community was treated to a dose of Native American culture, with a parade and powwow. It was spectacular!

Humane Harvests—Part One

We all have memories of the past that we use as a gauge for determining good times and bad times. Naturally, we miss ...

Planet-friendly Materials

The materials that make up the products we buy have a big impact on the planet. 

Join Us for a Conversation with Dr. Fred Provenza

Please join us for a virtual conversation with Dr. Fred Provenza, author of Nourishment, What Animals Can Teach Us About Rediscovering Our Natural Wisdom, hosted by our own Jilian & Colton Jones, on National Bison Day, Saturday, November 5th at 10:00 a.m. MT. 

A Room with a View

My studio is tucked into the hillside of what we call the “River Pasture.” It overlooks the bottom ground of the ranch, the Cheyenne River, and the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands. It is my office and kitchen, and it has a wonderful windowed main room that frames the prairie in all of its glory.

Revisiting Spring on the Prairie

In late May, my family and I were fortunate to be able to spend several days on the Cheyenne River Buffalo Ranch, the land that is the heart of Wild Idea Buffalo Co.

Buffalo & Grandkids

Babysitting my grandchildren is hands down my favorite job. Coming in second is  spending time in the buffalo herd to share images and video footage with you. When you mix the two together, it can be most entertaining.

Don't Pet the Fluffy Cows

In this short (30 sec video) Dan expresses his frustration on news reports of tourists approaching buffalo in an attempt to either snap a quick selfie, or to pet them. The results are severe injuries with the buffalo getting the bad rap. 

Bears & Buffalo

A couple weeks ago, I had the chance to visit one of our sourcing partners' ranch, located along the Rocky Mountain front in Montana. The ecosystem on the Diamond 4D Ranch is still very much intact. Complete with the big predators such as, mountain lions, wolves and bears.
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