Soil Health

We’ve heard the buzz words around soil health: carbon sequestration, water filtration, soil aggregates, regenerative ag, microbes etc. But how many of you have ever really taken a minute to think about a microorganism? And not just one microorganism, but billions that can be found in one teaspoon of soil?

Soil Regeneration

Learn how Wild Idea's home ranch is on a trajectory focused on restoring soil health, or keeping soil healthy, which can help reverse climate change.

Ranching for Wildlife

In keeping with the theme of “ranching for wildlife,” I will focus not so much on the flora and fauna of the Cheyenne River Buffalo Ranch, but on the mechanics of what we do or have done and will do to enhance the wildlife presence and use of this particular real estate.

How Nutrition Transformed My Athletic Journey

From my early days facing off against older kids in football to high school where natural ability took precedence over strength training, conditioning, and nutrition, my perspective shifted when college football scholarship offers came in. It was then that my grandfather played a crucial role, guiding me through a transformative summer training regimen, focusing on exercise science and nutrition. Under his guidance, I exceeded my physical and mental limits, achieving impressive gains and meeting coaching benchmarks. Those lessons continue to influence me in my mid-thirties, emphasizing the enduring impact of nutrition, with the wisdom that "You’re only going to get out of your body what you put into it."

The Importance of Omega-3s

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential components of a healthy diet that are renowned for their ability to support heart health, reduce inflammation, boost cognitive function, and even improve mood. Obtaining Omega-3's from one's diet is essential because the human body cannot produce them on its own.

Buffalo, Botanicals & Birds

As a reader of the Wild Idea Buffalo newsletter, you have seen that everyone here says something about the American B...

Behind the Scenes: A Conversation with Dan O'Brien & Allie Byrd

Meet the remarkable individuals behind Wild Idea as founder Dan O'Brien and newest field-harvest specialist Allie Byrd share their unique stories. Dan and Allie are from different backgrounds but have a common mission: To make a difference in the meat industry through compassionate animal welfare practices and humane field harvests.

Raw Deal

During my recent meeting with investigative journalist Chloe Sorvino, the Forbes expert leading coverage of food, drink, and agriculture, we delved into her latest book, Raw Deal. This eye-opening exposé sheds light on the flaws within the U.S. meat industry, highlighting issues in our country’s food system.


On the northern edge of this ranch are a couple thousand acres of level grassland.They are part of a larger open area known as Phiney Flat. The homesteaders of the late 18th and early 19th centuries took one look at the wild, level ground and imagined prosperous farms like those owned by the royals and wealthy landowners of their home countries—Scandinavia, Ireland, Germany, or Bohemia. They might not have noticed that they were surrounded by a bird paradise, with perhaps 200 ground-nesting species, birds drawn by the same sea of grass that the immigrants were attracted to.
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