A Mother's Day Parade 2022

Hi Friends.  A little info on the images: The Buffalo Mothers are very protective and keep their calves close to them for weeks, which makes getting close to the moms and calves a bit difficult. We also do not like to apply any kind of pressure during calving season, so respectfully keep our distance. Over the past month, I've been able to get a little closer with each outing. Lastly, choosing photos of Buffalo Calves is a little like choosing photos of your grandchildren - it's hard to delete any! I hope you enjoy these photos of the prairie's newest arrivals, along with their sweet moms!
Two Bison CalvesBison-Cow-Calf
Buffalo Cow & Calf
Bison Cow & Calf
Bison Maternity Ward
Bison Parade against pink sky
Bison Calf Yearling Bison Calves
When I'm out photographing, the yearlings (pictured above) that hover close to the "maternity ward" become curious of me and often run toward me to investigate. The yearlings will nurse until the new calf is born and then the mother usually kicks the yearling off if it tries to continue to nurse. The mom's teach their new calves to graze after a few days, as illustrated in the photo below.  
Bison Calf Grazing
Bison Calf Nursing
Buffalo Calf
Buffalo Calves Running
Bison Maternity Ward

Bison Cow & Calf Bison CalfHappy Mother's Day, moms!


  • Posted on by carolyn gibbs

    Beautiful photos! Thank you and happy Mother’s Day!

  • Posted on by Beverly Villata

    beautiful pictures – thanks for sharing

  • Posted on by Stephanie

    Wonderful photos Jill.
    I especially like the very young one being taught to graze as it has to move its leg way out because the little neck is still short! Amazing creatures.
    Thank you all for all you do.

  • Posted on by DAVID l SELLARS

    Lots of red babies. The real green movement.

  • Posted on by steve gibbs

    Excellent mothers day photos, thank you

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