On the Prairie

Ranching for Wildlife

In keeping with the theme of “ranching for wildlife,” I will focus not so much on the flora and fauna of the Cheyenne River Buffalo Ranch, but on the mechanics of what we do or have done and will do to enhance the wildlife presence and use of this particular real estate.
On the Prairie

Buffalo, Botanicals & Birds

As a reader of the Wild Idea Buffalo newsletter, you have seen that everyone here says something about the American B...
On the Prairie

The Hidden Power Beneath Our Feet

Join Wild Idea on a journey to uncover the hidden power of healthy soil and its profound impact on our planet. In this blog post, we'll explore the passionate work of General Manager Jilian Jones and her husband, Sourcing Manager Colton Jones, as they work to improve soil health at their home—Wild Idea’s Cheyenne River Buffalo Ranch.
On the Prairie

Prairie Flowers

Corita Kent –   Flowers grow out of the darkest moments.   The winter of 2022-23 was a tough one on the Northern Plai...
On the Prairie

Revisiting Spring on the Prairie

In late May, my family and I were fortunate to be able to spend several days on the Cheyenne River Buffalo Ranch, the land that is the heart of Wild Idea Buffalo Co.
On the Prairie

Bears & Buffalo

A couple weeks ago, I had the chance to visit one of our sourcing partners' ranch, located along the Rocky Mountain front in Montana. The ecosystem on the Diamond 4D Ranch is still very much intact. Complete with the big predators such as, mountain lions, wolves and bears.
On the Prairie

Teach Your Children Well

As busy goes, Jilian and Colton Jones have a lot on their plates. But, when a request comes in to help educate children, they pause and they seize the opportunity to share their knowledge of the prairie ecosystem and show them around the ranch.
On the Prairie

Bringing Back the Beavers

Wild Idea Buffalo Company is more than a meat company, first and foremost we are an environmental company. In addition to our commitment of improving our environment and our food supply, we also work on restoration projects that consider all species.
On the Prairie

The Dirt on Gut & Soil Health

It can be hard to understand or care much about things we cannot see with the naked eye. That’s just human nature. It’s curious to note that, at the time of writing this, major news and culture outlets are awash with posts about gut health. 
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