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Ranch Tours & Lodging

Some people say we live in the middle of nowhere... we say, like nowhere on earth. Our ranch tours and lodging are now available for booking!
On the Prairie

Soil Health

We’ve heard the buzz words around soil health: carbon sequestration, water filtration, soil aggregates, regenerative ag, microbes etc. But how many of you have ever really taken a minute to think about a microorganism? And not just one microorganism, but billions that can be found in one teaspoon of soil?
On the Prairie

Soil Regeneration

Learn how Wild Idea's home ranch is on a trajectory focused on restoring soil health, or keeping soil healthy, which can help reverse climate change.
On the Prairie

Ranching for Wildlife

In keeping with the theme of “ranching for wildlife,” I will focus not so much on the flora and fauna of the Cheyenne River Buffalo Ranch, but on the mechanics of what we do or have done and will do to enhance the wildlife presence and use of this particular real estate.
On the Prairie

Buffalo, Botanicals & Birds

As a reader of the Wild Idea Buffalo newsletter, you have seen that everyone here says something about the American Buffalo as a keystone species and about our practice of “ranching for wildlife.”
On the Prairie

Consider The Monarch

On the Cheyenne River Buffalo Ranch, we do some pretty big things to regenerate the prairie grasslands, but this is not the extent of our conservation efforts. We also do smaller things, such as planting flowers and plants for the pollinators.
On the Prairie

Our Bison Impact: Making a Positive Ecological Change

Wild Idea Buffalo Company is grounded in soil health, returning the American bison to their native homeland to keep our prairies intact and to protect threatened grasslands. Following nature’s lead, our bison grazing management are key to healthy ecosystems, a healthy planet, and a healthy product.
On the Prairie

The Hidden Power Beneath Our Feet

Join Wild Idea on a journey to uncover the hidden power of healthy soil and its profound impact on our planet.
On the Prairie

Prairie Flowers

The winter of 2022-23 was a tough one on the Northern Plains. We were hit with three notable blizzards, temperatures in the minus 20s, and wind that made the world shudder. It came after four years of withering drought that gave me nightmares of The Grapes of Wrath. It seemed quite possible that another dust bowl was just around the corner.
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