Ranch Photography

Consider The Monarch

On the Cheyenne River Buffalo Ranch, we do some pretty big things to regenerate the prairie grasslands, but this is not the extent of our conservation efforts. We also do smaller things, such as planting flowers and plants for the pollinators.
Ranch Photography

Baby Bison Calves!

The prairie is awakened in all of its Spring glory, complete with the songs of the returning migratory birds, the now lush green grass, peppered with wild flowers, and new baby bison calves!
Ranch Photography

A Room with a View

My studio is tucked into the hillside of what we call the “River Pasture.” It overlooks the bottom ground of the ranch, the Cheyenne River, and the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands. It is my office and kitchen, and it has a wonderful windowed main room that frames the prairie in all of its glory.
Ranch Photography

A Mother's Day Parade 2022

Choosing photos of Buffalo Calves is a little like choosing photos of your grandchildren - it's hard to delete any! I hope you enjoy these photos of the prairie's newest arrivals, along with their sweet moms! 
Ranch Photography

Buffalo, River Crossings & Grasslands

In the fall of 2003 we moved our buffalo onto the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands for the first time, after 125 years of their absence. Even though we have repeated this every year since, it never gets old or loses its emotion. 
Ranch Photography

Beauty & Buffalo In The Great Plains

Over the past month at the ranch and throughout the Great Plains areas that we have traveled, we have all stated "Oh my God - it's so beautiful!". I thought I would share some photos with you of the changing landscape over the last three weeks, taken on my walks or drives, and transport you to the prairie grasslands.
Ranch Photography

Photo Collection

For me, taking photos is another way to tell our story and to connect the wildlife and landscape with our food supply. Sometimes they can be beautiful too. I hope you enjoy this new collection of random images. 
Ranch Photography

Making America Beautiful

Our Cheyenne River Buffalo Ranch is located in the shadows of the Black Hills National Forest - our local "purple mountain majesty", about thirty miles to the west. 
Ranch Photography

Spring Returns with Snow

Spring has arrived and with it well needed moisture in the form of snow! But... we'll take it! We hope you enjoy Jill's spring time, snow photo blog.
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