Ranch Photography

Photo Collection

For me, taking photos is another way to tell our story and to connect the wildlife and landscape with our food supply. Sometimes they can be beautiful too. I hope you enjoy this new collection of random images. 

National Photography Month

May is National Photography Month and what better way to honor this artful observance than with a collection of beautiful buffalo photos from our 2020 calendar... just in cased you missed picking one up!

National Bison Month

This month is National Bison Month! Here are a few snapshots taken over the last few weeks of our herd roaming the summer prairie! 

Prairie Garden

If one is looking to regenerate the prairie - rain sure does help! In the past two weeks we’ve received almost eight inches of precipitation.  Layered with days of warm sunshine, the prairie has turned into a paradise. 

Mother's Day at the Ranch

We hope you enjoy this special "Mother's Day Collection" of photos. Wishing all of the mom's, a wonderful Mother's Day.  

Buffalo Winter

The prairie winter continues. Here are a few winter Buffalo images, along with other photos on the ranch.

Celebrating Native American Day

Our community is rich in Native American culture and history. Every year they bring their beautiful costumes, music and dance to the streets of Rapid City, for our communities annual Native American Day parade. Here are a few photos of the faces of Lakota Country.

The Autumn Shift

Scenes from around the ranch during the autumn shift.

The Art of Bison Persuasion

This past week I had the chance to ride along to bring in a bunch of buffalo from their winter grazing grounds on the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands. Dan and Colton had been bringing bunches in all week and we hoped this was the last group.

Winter Grazing

It has been a full-blown winter here on the prairie. Since our first snowstorm in early December the snow has continued and the cold temperatures have remained persistent.  The snow is starting to lose its charm and the frigid temps are starting to show in people's personalities. The only thing that seems unaffected is the buffalo and the wildlife.

Silence Is Golden

In the last two weeks we have had two winter storms. The first brought cracked machine pumps, frozen water lines, and busted pipes. The plant was a Santa workshop of repair men. The second storm was delivered on Christmas Day and brought with it freezing rain, high wind gusts, and busted power lines. During times like this it is difficult to see the beauty in winter.

Fall Colors On The Prairie

The prairie is dressed in its fall colors, from deep rich contrasts to soft pastels, it is truly beautiful a sight to behold. And, much like the prairie, the buffalo are changing too, putting on their fall coats and colors. Here are a few snapshots of our very lucky view! Enjoy and Happy Fall. Jill
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