Corned Buffalo Brisket with Colcannon



  • Posted on by Jill OBrien

    Louis – You are right… beer is a very serious question! A Walter Station Baja Girl Blonde would be my go to!

  • Posted on by Luis

    Hello! I’m excited to try this recipe and only have one question. It’s a very important question….
    What beer do you recommend for heating the Corned Brisket? Walter Station Brewery, of course but what style…Pils, Pale Ale, Imp. IPA, amber or maybe a dry Irish Stout?

  • Posted on by Danny

    These Briskets look great, & Colcannon recipe irresistible, but when our sons were young, they hated cabbage… so traditional recipes went out the window! Instead we served sliced corned beef on Onion Buns with Secret Sauce: Dijon mustard, minced onion, dash lemon juice added to sour cream… still a family favorite!☘️☘️☘️

  • Posted on by Barbara

    Made this last year and it was delicious! So looking forward to having it again this week. The colcannon with the corned brisket is a perfect match!

  • Posted on by jill

    Hi Donna – You can find the ingredient list here:

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