Favorite X-large Bison Burger


Favorite X-large Bison Burger – By Shawn & Peggy G.

Made with the following:
A whopping 0.5 lb of Wild Idea ground bison
chopped white/red onion
favorite BBQ sauce (mine is Fresh Time sweet hickory)
healthy portion of black pepper
1 thick slice of extra sharp cheddar cheese
2 slices tomato
baby spinach greens
** 4 slices of Wild Idea Buffalo Bresaola **
served on a Dave's Killer Bread bun
with Michigan cherry & BBQ chips and sweet dill pickle slices.

The bison bresaola really is a great option (and much better in my opinion) than pork bacon.

Our sincerest thanks to Jill, Dan, Colton and Jillian for all the hard work you do to bring us the meat we love and that is the best quality in the market, by far!  Believe me, I've tried over a dozen different bison meat suppliers across US and Canada (North Star, Buffalo Gal, Silver Bison Ranch, Buffalo Valley Meats, North Fork Bison, and many more) and your products are by far the best quality! Thank you also for announcing the ranch tours as we were there for the anniversary party just a few years ago and want to make it out again for another tour in the Zeburban!

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