My Favorite Buffalo Burger


My Favorite Buffalo Burger - by Holly S.

This is my favorite burger recipe that puts together a range of nutrition benefits in a simple but flavorful burger.  Wild Idea's ground buffalo makes the best burgers I ever ate, by the way!  I just mince one shallot per pound of burger, add hickory smoked salt to taste, and make four burgers per pound.  This size fits the sprouted grain English muffins that I use for buns.  I add a little cooking spray to the burgers, maybe a little extra salt on the outside, and cook in the skilled on medium high for two minutes per side, for a nice medium rare.  I toast the English muffins, then add a slice of sharp cheddar, sliced vine ripened tomato slices, home-grown broccoli sprouts, and spicy brown mustard.

This burger is served with roasted bite-sized potatoes, and a mixed baby organic power greens salad.  The salad has red bell peppers, a little garlic salt, ground pepper, chopped walnuts, a sprinkling of nutritional yeast (nice "cheesy" taste and lots of B vitamins), and a touch of good olive oil.

Thanks so much for all you do!  Happy cooking.

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