Meet Colton Jones


In Part III of our “Meet the Family” video series, we are happy to introduce Colton Jones - not only is he the son-in-law of Dan & Jill and husband to daughter & General Manager, Jilian Jones - but he’s also the Cheyenne River Ranch Manager and Wild Idea’s Sourcing Manager.

We could brag about him all day long, but we'll let him take it from here and in his own words - give it a watch below.

Video Credit: Jill O'Brien


  • Posted on by Victoria

    Thanks for sharing the video and a glimpse into your wonderful world of the majestic bison. I expect to see Colton on the cover of Cowboys and Indians magazine in the near future along with a well written article of all you guys do. I thank you !

  • Posted on by Josie merck

    Love this new chapter of the boots! I had not know- still reading book 2 and loving that as well!

    I will be ready for a steak soon!
    Best to all

  • Posted on by Maureen Kelsen

    The passion and vision of this family is inspiring! So glad we were able to visit and support you guys! I enjoy the videos so much. Thank you!!

  • Posted on by Etta Rich

    Thank you for the nice video. I love that you put faces to the people who care for wild idea. It is so great that they carry the original passion for the vision of the ranch.

  • Posted on by Christine

    What a wonderful family you’ve got there. And my gosh are they all ever handsome!

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