Don't Pet the Fluffy Cows

In this short (30 sec video) Dan expresses his frustration on news reports of tourists approaching buffalo in an attempt to either snap a quick selfie, or to pet them. The results are severe injuries with the buffalo getting the bad rap. 

Teach Your Children Well

As busy goes, Jilian and Colton Jones have a lot on their plates. But, when a request comes in to help educate children, they pause and they seize the opportunity to share their knowledge of the prairie ecosystem and show them around the ranch.

Bringing Back the Beavers

Wild Idea Buffalo Company is more than a meat company, first and foremost we are an environmental company. In addition to our commitment of improving our environment and our food supply, we also work on restoration projects that consider all species.

Moving Buffalo For Rotational Grazing

Tuesday, August 10th, 6:00pm, outside temperature 98°. This summer has been hot and dry. The smokey haziness from afar fires have found their way into the skyline and crevices of the ranch giving many morning outlooks a doomsday feel and camouflaging the sweet aroma of the grass and sunshine.

Unbroken Ground

In this short film by Patagonia Provisions, learn more about the important practice of regenerative ranching and farming.

Our Positive Environmental Impact

At Wild Idea Buffalo Company, everyday is world environment day. Our mission is to "Regenerate the prairies while improving our environment and food supply by bringing back the buffalo". The family that started this whole "wild idea" explains the how and the why in this brief video. We hope you give it a watch.

Meet Colton Jones

In Part III of our “Meet the Family” video series, we are happy to introduce the hardworking Colton Jones! Not only is he the son-in-law of Dan & Jill and husband to General Manager, Jilian Jones - but he’s also the Cheyenne River Ranch Manager and Wild Idea’s Sourcing Manager.

Patagonia Introduces Wild Idea Work Boots

For the past twenty-three years, Wild Idea and affiliated ranch partners have had their boots on the ground - working hard to regenerate and preserve the American Great Plains, by bringing back the bison. Introducing the Wild Idea Work Boot!

Videography 101

Aspiring videographer and spirited 6-year-old Eleanna shares her rave review along with mom and dad in this sweet testimonial on our Premium Ground Buffalo Bundles - give it a watch!
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