Meet Colton Jones


In Part III of our “Meet the Family” video series, we are happy to introduce Colton Jones - not only is he the son-in-law of Dan & Jill and husband to daughter & General Manager, Jilian Jones - but he’s also the Cheyenne River Ranch Manager and Wild Idea’s Sourcing Manager.

We could brag about him all day long, but we'll let him take it from here and in his own words - give it a watch below.

Video Credit: Jill O'Brien


  • Posted on by Don Meyer

    This is just about the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Here’s to Colton taking care of the ranch for his entire life along with the rest of your wonderful family too. I will keep eating your wonderful buffalo for life. I love you all very dearly and always. I put you all in the arms of God. Love, Don

  • Posted on by Kathryn

    wonderful video. It is also nice to see the faces behind the names. Would

    love to visit sometime:)

  • Posted on by Chris and Kim

    Splendid, simply splendid. Let me know when I can trade in my lease vehicle for a horse and a spot next to you on the ranch! Had WIB burgers last night and tomorrow is a heel steak! Cheers to you and the WIB crew from South Carolina!

  • Posted on by Angela

    To be able to live a life of passion and purpose- inspiring. I am a happy recipient of the by-product. We just happened to have bison burgers for dinner tonight!😋. I feel at home there – although I’ve never been there. One day-

  • Posted on by Penny Gray

    AWEsome! And so desperately needed in this crazy world. Thank you.

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