Meet Colton Jones


In Part III of our “Meet the Family” video series, we are happy to introduce Colton Jones - not only is he the son-in-law of Dan & Jill and husband to daughter & General Manager, Jilian Jones - but he’s also the Cheyenne River Ranch Manager and Wild Idea’s Sourcing Manager.

We could brag about him all day long, but we'll let him take it from here and in his own words - give it a watch below.

Video Credit: Jill O'Brien


  • Posted on by Steve Paulsen

    Love these videos. Really appreciate Colton’s simple purpose ‘wake up every morning and strive that day to make the world a better place than when I got up’. Nice to know there are young couples like them here to take hold.

  • Posted on by Lois Lukens

    Beauty everywhere, starting with Colton’s heart. Thanks for sharing. Easy on the eyes…all of it!

  • Posted on by Kathy Antonen

    An impressive, articulate, knowledgeable member of the Wild Idea family!

  • Posted on by Carol Clover

    Thnx for Great video..I lived in Black Hills 1971 this is especially meaningful..ANDI lived on 3,000 acre cattle ranch …40 miles outside Sundance, WY. I so admire and respect your philosophies and land/animal practices…And agree 100%.please keep up your Great work…What a great legacy your children will inherit

  • Posted on by Liz Aicher

    Glad you are doing what you do, Colton!

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