Bresaola, Manchego & Pear Salad



  • Posted on by jill

    Jim – Syrup or aka glaze. :)

  • Posted on by Jim

    Balsamic syrup or Balsamic vinegar?

  • Posted on by Cheri Weins

    Sound so good .w ill make it for summer dinner. Thanks

  • Posted on by Jill O'Brien

    Thank you Kalia for answering Dwight’s question. For more information on Wild Idea’s Bresaola and how we prepare ours go to:

  • Posted on by Kalia Doner

    BRESAOLA is an air-dried, salted Italian beef ( usually) —you can see in the recipe you don’t cook it. More leathery than prosciutto. And Manchego is a cheese that is a Spanish sheep’s milk cheese (aged longer is better I think) particularity yummy when serve with quince paste ( membrillo).

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