Buffalo Tortilla Soup





    • Posted on by Kelsey

      This soup is awesome! I modified it – used ground buffalo because I didn’t have enough pulled buffalo – and it turned out great. I also used tortilla chips, which people added to the soup when they filled their bowls. Since I didn’t have cardamom, I used cinnamon and cloves and everyone loved that. The consistency is great and it’s very filling in a satisfying way! Thanks for all the great recipes.

    • Posted on by Jill

      Thank you Barbara and Heather for catching my mistake. The correction has been made. It is indeed two packages.
      Thanks again. jill

    • Posted on by Barbara Auleta

      Does this call for one or two 1-lb. packages. The list of ingredients says one, the directions say “the two packages.” ??

    • Posted on by Heather

      I found what to do with the 6 tortillas, my error or errors, as the case may be.

    • Posted on by Heather

      Please note the ingredient list has 1 pkg pulled buffalo, while waaay down in the procedure steps, 2 pkgs are called for. And, the 6 quatered tortillas are never fried or called for in the procedure at all. Otherwise, I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

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