Faux Bison Tenderloin (Round Heel Steak)

Shared by Arthur Tolley

This isn’t really a recipe, just a preparation technique.  Don’t let your diners see the first 3 steps.  Tell your diners that the main course will be Bison Tenderloin.  

Bison-Round-Heel-Steak1. Thaw the Bison Heel Cap Steak.  

2. Cut into two equal pieces with the grain.

3. Season lightly with coarse salt and black pepper.  

4.  Rub lightly with canola oil.

5. Grill.  While grilling , making sure to grill mark the cut side so that side gets a little rounded. Don’t go beyond medium rare.  

6. Rest 4–5 minutes.

7.  Slice for serving across the grain.

8.  Plate and present.  

If you do this right, they’ll think you’re serving tenderloin.  Almost impossible to tell the difference!

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