4-Bean Bison Chili

If you are looking for a great chili to bring to your next chili cook-off or football game, then try this recipe and let the compliments roll in. Even better the second (or third) day - if there’s leftovers.

Middle Eastern Burgers

Good food, starts with good ingredients, and this recipe is loaded with goodness! A variation of my Kibbe-naye recipe, a Lebanese dish that is traditionally eaten raw, but it also makes a great burger!

Buffalo Beans and Tomatoes

Need a really quick lunch or dinner? Simplest "buffalo beans and tomatoes" EVER!

Buffalo Beans

Recently, a customer (thank you Suzanne) sent me a recipe for cowboy beans. It was a recipe that I was very familiar with as a kid – which we called “Hamburger Beans”. It was often dinner, or served as a side dish during outdoor cookouts. I took her suggestions, along with notes from my mother’s recipe from years back and came up with Buffalo Beans. It’s good-ole-fashioned, stick to your ribs food. A good hunger remover after a big day. Approved by Wild Idea’s Harvest Crew!

Layered Nachos

Meaty, cheesy and loaded with veggies. And, because it's layered - there’s goodness in every bite!

Benny’s Easy Buffalo Hash

Benny’s Easy Buffalo Hash shared by Ben Leonard is a customer recipe made with Wild Idea’s Premium Ground Buffalo.

Meat Pies - Oh My!

Pie for dinner... now you’re talking! These three recipes are great solutions for getting your family to the dinner table! They’re easy to make and can be whipped up ahead of time for pop-in-the-oven convenience.

Texas Red Chili

For all of you non-bean chili lovers, this recipe is for you! In addition to the instructions below, I would gather and prep all of the ingredients before starting the process, as I found I needed to stir frequently. To avoid getting the chili to hot, I used a combination of mild and medium hot chilies. You can adjust the heat to your liking with cayenne pepper.

Buffalo Irish Coddle

This traditional Irish dish was often made from leftovers, using whatever vegetables were available. Feel free to change to you liking or availability. The light broth allows the flavors of each ingredient to come through, and although hearty, is also light. And, it’s so good! Enjoy. (Serves 8)

Buffalo & Eggplant Parmesan

I have a new respect for eggplant… all it needed was a little boost of bison. This recipe gives you all the Eggplant Parmesan flavors you love, without all the steps. A new favorite for your recipe box!
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