Wild Idea Bison Back Ribs

Howard Haber shares his grilled Bison Back Ribs recipe, which just so happened to be "THE hit of the day on the beach!"

Buffalo Short-Ribs with Red Potatoes & Broccoli Rabe

Arthur Contrestano shares his Buffalo Short-Ribs with Red Potatoes & Broccoli Rabe using Wild Idea Buffalo Short Ribs.

Buffalo Brazilian Feijoada

Brazilian Feijoada (FeeJhona) is a meat purveyor’s favorite kind of recipe, as it is loaded with a variety of cuts of meat. It is often served with white rice and collard or mustard greens. Other buffalo cuts or sausages could be substituted for your personal taste. This is a wining recipe that will take the gold, feed a crowd and please them too!

Caldo de Bisonte (Bison Soup)

Crock Pot Notes: The first rule is, know your Crock Pot's heat cycle temperatures. After my first failed recipe attempt, due to my Crock Pot low setting being too hot, I replaced it with a newer model that has more options. Low should be a simmer with small bubbles breaking the surface, no more then 200*. Recipe Notes: Vegetables for this dish are often left in larger pieces and corn still on the cob. For eating convenience I have made them spoon-size edible.

Grilled Jerk Buffalo Ribs

This recipe will work for both short ribs and back ribs with a little adjustment, which is noted below. You may want to double this recipe as seconds are often requested.

Chili Spiced Uncut Short Ribs with Tangy Mop

We had a pre-fathers day celebration at the ranch last weekend; it was loaded with children’s laughter, proud parents, beaming grandparents and great food. Our guests brought sides and dessert, (a great way to throw a party) and I was on the Buffalo Ribs. Not just any ribs - but uncut buffalo short ribs, measuring at about 1 foot square, these make for a very impressive presentation.  The kids thought they were cool and experience has taught me that if you can please a child - you’ve nailed it. My preparation is as follows. I use a foil steaming method for this recipe, which is great for hot summer months, when you want a hot meal, but a cool house.
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