Chili Spiced Uncut Short Ribs with Tangy Mop



  • Posted on by SUSAN CANNON

    We went to Yellowstone national parkthen on up to Montana on our way there was this awesome restaunt we stopped all they had was buffalo awesome feast wild meat taste so good

  • Posted on by Michael Sparks

    I tried Bison Ribs for the very first time today. We used your uncut buffalo short ribs, a “pit barrel smoker” ( and their Beef & Game rub, Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar and a few dashes of Worcestershire. Took your advice on steaming in heavy tin-foil with the ACV but ignored the rest of your recipe. just added a little Worcestershire and the rub. After 3 hours in the smoker (just char-coal, no wood) I took out of the tin foil and left in the smoker for 20 minutes.

    AMAZING!! Best ribs I ever had of any kind. Not gamey at all. Fell off the bone like braised lamb shoulder, but got great crispy singed bits and just the right smoke out of the last 20 minutes without the foil. I’m putting up a Youtube video of the adventure.

    Thank you for such a great product!! This will be a long-term family go-to. -Mike

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