Grilled Jerk Buffalo Ribs



  • Posted on by Jill OBrien

    Hi Deborah. Unsure about the pomegranate juice? Citrus juice or lemonade would be a good substitute, or even apple juice/cider. Looking forward to the report… Thank you for your support! jill

  • Posted on by Deborah J Mitchell

    With cold weather coming I cracked open my package of short ribs to thaw yesterday and started in on this recipe this morning. It smell stupendous. But, to my dismay I didn’t have pineapple juice! Drat! I’m trying it with pomegranate juice instead. Going to the store later for pineapple. I’ll give you a full report if my fingers aren’t too sticky to type a message! :-)

  • Posted on by Heather

    This recipe is simply amazing! Fall-off-the-bone tender, delicious meat with a perfect blend of sweet & spicy in the jerk marinade and BBQ sauce. Your recipes have never failed me – you’re my go-to chef – thanks for all that you do!

  • Posted on by jill

    John, I do not have any experience with “green egg grills”, but I would recommend putting your smoke on first (30 minutes) and then braising for tenderness. Good luck and let me know how it goes. Thank you!

  • Posted on by John Owens

    Can they be smoked on a big green egg? Or is there not enough fat?

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