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November 09, 2015


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Grilled Jerk Buffalo Ribs

This recipe will work for both short ribs and back ribs with a little adjustment, which is noted below. You may want to double this recipe as seconds are often requested.
Grilled Jerk Buffalo Ribs Recipe


Jerk Marinade


  • 1 - cup pineapple juice
  • ¼ - cup soy
  • 3 - cloves garlic
  • ¼ - cup brown sugar
  • 2 - tablespoons jerk seasoning (recipe for homemade jerk seasoning included with purchase, or packaged jerk seasoning is available at most groceries)


  1. Rinse ribs and pat dry with paper towel.
  2. Mix all marinade ingredients together in blender and pulse to incorporate.
  3. Divide marinade in half.
  4. For BACK RIBS: Place ribs and half of marinade in plastic bag and massage marinade into ribs. Marinate ribs for 4 to 24 hours hours.                                    For SHORT RIBS: Place ribs in slow cooker with half of marinade and 1 cup of water. Cover and braise for 6 hours on medium. Increase heat to shorten braising time or decrease heat to lengthen braising time. Meat will become very tender and bones may fall away. If your preference is for chewier ribs decrease braising time.
  5. Mix the other half of marinade with ketchup and set aside.
  6. Remove ribs from marinade, shaking off excess, (do carefully for braised ribs, as meat will be fall apart tender). Place ribs on foil, curling edges of foil to hold ribs in place, but leaving top open. Brush both sides of ribs with Jerk BBQ sauce.
  7. Pre-heat gas grill to medium high heat of about 400°.
  8. Place foil pan of ribs on grill over heat and make a few slits in the foil with a knife. Close grill lid and grill for 6 minutes each side. Remove SHORT RIBS, but repeat process for BACK RIBS adding more sauce if desired.

Serve Jerk Buffalo Ribs with Fruited Coleslaw, and Coconut Rice with Black Beans. These accompaniments are very complimentary to this dish. 


Vicki Symonds

January 14, 2017

How many people does this recipe serve?

nancy saetta

April 24, 2017

Husband was very disappointed with these ribs. i used this recipe, but he said not to get them again… sorry, but not a hit here…. ;(

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