Special Occasions

Buffalo Pot Roast

Nothing represents “comfort food” more than a traditional pot roast. Always a favorite, but this savory, one pot meal is a wonderful way to welcome the fall! 
Special Occasions

Wet Aged Sirloin Tip Roast

The process of wet aging grass-fed meat turns moderate cuts into prime tender cuts.  The trick to the success is planning in advance, giving enough time for the wet aging to work it’s magic.
Special Occasions

Buffalo Steak Tartare

When visiting France, a dish that is served in copious amounts, is Steak Tartare. I decided to replicate this recipe with Wild Idea's 100% Grass-Fed Sirloin Steaks for a delicious, light and elegant dish. A favorite of mine, and all that try it!  
Special Occasions

Buffalo Wellington

The traditional Wellington is typically made using the Tenderloin cut and pâté de foie gras. Personally, I find this dish plenty rich without the foie gras and prepare using a savory vegetable pate instead.
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