Cooking Bison Sous Vide



  • Posted on by Alana Marinello

    3 pound tip roast. Dry rub of garlic, S&P, rosemary, thyme, onion powder.
    Overnight in fridge.
    Pre seared in hot pan in ghee & grapeseed oil. Vacuum sealed 133 degrees for 17 hours. Perfect medium rare. Absolutely delicious. Used my Joule.

  • Posted on by Chip Ikerd

    Randy, I had the same issue with the tri tip, I’ve started and had better luck searing before the sous vide… My family actually prefers when I slice it very thin with an electric knife and throw it back in the sous vide with Ajus to keep it at serving temp. Then serve on a yeast roll with cheese and horseradish.

  • Posted on by Melanie McMillan

    We received the roast in a monthly order, and I was SO excited to see that you chose to Sous vide, as that’s how we end up cooking most of our bison steaks. We love how it cooks it to the perfect temperature and color, even for the thickest steaks. We followed your suggestion and cooked for 12 hours (but actually ended up keeping it in for about 16 in order to align with dinner time) at 130 degrees. PERFECTION. Juicy, flavorful, and so easy. We also have the Anova, and it’s been one of our favorite kitchen tools.

  • Posted on by Randy Thomsen

    I did a 1 1/2 lb bison tri tip that had a dry rub. 7 hrs. @ 130 degrees. Came out perfect med. rare
    but was somewhat dry? Any suggestions?

  • Posted on by Katherine

    This is a really helpful thread – I was on the fence about buying bison as I have never cooked it before and wondered about sous vide then flash grilling steaks. A recipe post on steak cooking times/ideas would be uber helpful, but for the interim, Laura’s post from Jan 2018 above is helpful. Something on optimal internal temp considering finishing (either high heat pan fry or grilling) would be even better.

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