2018 Latest Arrivals


Photos by Jill O'Brien

This past week our first buffalo calves arrived on the Cheyenne River Ranch! It is always such an exciting time. A time that is full of hope and possibilities, making one believe that our mission of prairie regeneration can continue to grow. Here are a few photos, with brief explanations. 

After the mother cleans the calf, she encourages it to get up right away. The new calf will be up and on the move within two hours of it being born. 

The rest of the herd is close by relaxing in the spring weather, with the buffalo birds twittering (my kind of twitter) all about with excitement.

You can find the story "Regeneration" of my experience watching a baby bison be born here, with more photos of the buffalo herd and the newcomers. 


  • Posted on by Larry

    Bison have been a favorite animal for me. They are a great symbol of the west and Native Americans. My favorite subject to photograph and to paint.

  • Posted on by Bob Watland

    Loved the photos keep up the good work!!! God bless

  • Posted on by pat

    Thank you for the sweet pictures. The babies also are springing into Spring in our Wichita Mountains Refuge…

  • Posted on by Shelley Morrison

    James Pierce, my husband and I took our grandchildren to SD 3 years ago, and we toured the ranch, getting up close and personal to the buffaloes. It was an awesome experience – the highlight of a great trip. LOL – Just the drive – a lot of it unpaved —to the ranch was an adventure :o) Highly recommended!

  • Posted on by bob jacobson

    The circle of life…Awesome ! Keep up the great work !!

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