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How Nutrition Transformed My Athletic Journey

From my early days facing off against older kids in football to high school where natural ability took precedence over strength training, conditioning, and nutrition, my perspective shifted when college football scholarship offers came in.
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Doctor's Orders

This week, I established care with a new physician. He asked the usual questions about medications, exercise, stress, and sleep—though we spent most of our time discussing food and its impact on our health.
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River Ranch Diary – August 2023

Lately my thoughts have run toward the origin story of the buffalo as told by the Indigenous tribes of the Great Plains of North America. In that story, when both the two-legged and the four-legged beings emerged from their cave into the light, they pledged, one to the other, to care and provide for one another forever. And thus, they prospered until the invasion of and movement across their land of the Anglo-Europeans began.
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Food Lessons From A Box of Bison Meat

Twenty-five years ago, Dan brought a box of Wild Idea buffalo cuts into my restaurant and asked if I would create some “how-to” cooking instructions and recipes to include in the first boxes of meat that would soon be shipped out to family and friends. Over the years, as a chef and restaurateur...
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River Ranch Diary, cont'd

The story is one of a writer, born with a love of falconry, wildlife of all kinds (especially birds), prairie grasslands, and a vague sense of building and inhabiting something—call it sustainable—that could serve as a beacon in a discernibly damaged world.
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Sous Vide Lessons

Lately, I've been receiving emails for tips on using the sous-vide cooking method. I will admit that I am a novice user, but in an effort to better guide you, I dove back in, so I could provide you with tried & true sous vide cooking tips, using Wild Idea's 100% grass-fed/finished bison meat.  
Wild Ideas

Humane Harvests—Part Two

No tears were shed by any little boys on that day. Bonds were built. Friendship prevailed. Gratitude was given by all. Death was beautiful.
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Health & Wellness Trends 2023

At the turn of each new year, I reevaluate my personal health and make a resolution to try a little harder, do a little better. And turning 60 this year has me taking an even closer look. Being healthy has always been a roller coaster for me...
Wild Ideas

Humane Harvests—Part One

We all have memories of the past that we use as a gauge for determining good times and bad times. Naturally, we miss for more of the good times and do everything in our power to limit future occurrence of the bad.
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