Prairie Morning Song


At Wild Idea Buffalo Company our main product is not healthy, grass-fed bison meat, but an improved environment promoting a bio-diverse eco-system for all that inhabit it. During the spring the prairie wakes early with the many sounds of those that call it home. We thought you might like to wake up on the ranch too and hope that you will take a minute to be transported to a little patch of prairie paradise!


  • Posted on by Susan Will

    I grew up on the North Dakota prairie and still miss the mornings. The sound of meadowlarks and other prairie birds, the curious echoing quality of the air, bison munching and snorting, all sorts of raptors and waterfowl on the wing, and grouse on their leks. I was lucky to see, hear, feel and smell all of it. After 40 years in Alaska and now, valued mornings in northern Arizona, I still miss the prairie. Thank you very much for sharing this.

    In addition, your bison meat is better than any meat I’ve ever eaten. And, even though I’ve considerably reduced my meat consumption, Its now become almost the only meat I eat. It’s that good. Thanks for that, too.

  • Posted on by Marie Rouzaut

    I just finished to read your book Wild Idea. I’ve been so moved by your story, your desire, your beliefs, your doubts and your energy. I wish I were closer so I could come and discover the Prairies, the way you describe them with so much love. I realized only now that I could search for your website and here I found your blog and was welcome by the sound of the Prairies. Thank you so much for this, and believe me, I’ll promote your book hΓ¨re in France as often as I can! I don’t know you but after reading your book, I feel like I do. So all best to you Dan, Jill, Jilian and Colton.

  • Posted on by Barbara Dina

    We are heading west from Florida and hope to visit the ranch sometime this summer. A whole bunch of those petite steaks fit in our Airstream fridge. Nothing but buffalo! Loved the video. Thanks for what you do for us and for the land. XOXOXO

  • Posted on by LE QUELLEC SERGE

    Comme dans un rΓͺve, merci pour tout cela. amical salut de France

  • Posted on by Peter Leutscher

    Thank you for sharing your project and fantastic footage of the way it should be in a much larger area than you own at present..Keep up your efforts to convert more of the U.S.A to this state!

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