Baby Bison Calves!


The prairie is awakened in all of its spring glory, complete with the songs of the returning migratory birds, the now lush green grass, peppered with wild flowers, and new baby bison calves!

Bison mothers are very protective and keep their calves very close by. They will take off at a run, with their calf in tow, if you get too close. For this reason, during the first few weeks of the calving season, we hold off on harvesting, as to not stress out the new moms.

Bison Herd with CalvesBut we all love to get a glimpse of them. I've been going out over the weeks, to try to capture images to share with you. I keep my distance, use a zoom lens, and move in a little closer each time, if they allow. Please let me introduce to you 2023's newest prairie regenerators! I hope you enjoy.

Bison Cow & Calf

Buffalo with Baby Bison Calf

Buffalo Cow with Bison Calf

Baby Bison Calf

Bison Grazing with CalvesBuffalo Calf in Bison Herd

Bison Cow with Baby Bison Calf

Long Billed Curlews

Buffalo Calf Bison Calves

Buffalo Grazing with Calf

Bison Cow with Calf

Bison Herd with Calves

Buffalo Calf

Bison Calf with Cow

Two Bison Calves

Bison Cow with Buffalo Calf

Two Bison Calves

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