Bringing Back the Beavers


Wild Idea Buffalo Company is more than a meat company, first and foremost we are an environmental company. In addition to our commitment of improving our environment and our food supply, we also work on restoration projects that consider all species.

In addition to bringing back the buffalo, we’re bringing back the beavers! Learn more in this short 3-minute video.


  • Posted on by Robert Hooper

    I didn’t see much in the way of beaver food. Maybe cottonwoods and willows were beyond the area shown in the video.

  • Posted on by Knowa Tall

    As a Wyoming supporter of TNC, I am so proud that you are partnering with them to do this restoration work. And a happy customer of yours, as well!

  • Posted on by Cheves

    Thank you. The beavers remind me of the French saying, Peu a Peu l’oisesu gait son nid (Bit by bit the bird builds its nest.) the saying was added to the chimney of his house by a Huguenot refuge in the early 1700s here. And big by bit, you and the beavers are renewing the land. Wonderful to see.

  • Posted on by Grant Price

    In NJ, they have brought themselves back. No help from anyone,

    Our favorite local (suburban) birding spot is now owned and operated by the beavers. On the one hand, a number of the trails are permanently underwater, and the place is a muddy mess. On the other hand, it is now a pretty good place for waterfowl.

    The original dam got washed out by a storm, we get a lot of fairly intense one these days. The second one was curved cover to the direction of flow, eventually was damaged by another storm. The current one is a work of engineering genius, they sloped the pond bottom to blunt the flow, and it has held through quite a few big storms. They are here to stay. Fortunately the new proprietors are mostly OK with birders coming around, although they will tail slap to remind us we are visitors in their domain.

  • Posted on by Penny

    Love the movie/book Grey Owl, and hope the beaver come back strong on the prairies. Their dam building activities create such rich and much needed ecosystems.

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