Large Landscape Grazing


Wild Idea Buffalo Co. and the sourcing partners that we work with, all practice Large Landscape Grazing, collectively impacting over 300,000 acres of prairie grasslands. This allows the bison to be and behave like real bison, roaming over miles of prairie grasslands.

This ancient method of movement regenerates the prairie and naturally promotes a rich, healthy soil. This intact grassland provides a home for hundreds of wildlife species, from the microbes, to the dung beetles, to the coyotes, and other grazers, who also aid in the ecosystems' balance. And, like the soil itself, the by-product, buffalo meat, is nutrient-rich too, supporting your health and the planet's health.

Visitors to the ranch often state that they couldn't quite conceptualize the vastness and scale of this landscape, until seeing it firsthand. We hope you take a few minutes to see what Large Landscape Grazing looks like, it's where our buffalo roam and where your buffalo meat comes from. Have a look.

Video Credit: Jill O'Brien


  • Posted on by Eric Johnson

    Amazing, I just cannot imagine what it would have been like to be there before the herds were hunted to near extinction.

  • Posted on by Mary Flaherty

    Thank you. Always love photos and Video’s from you.

  • Posted on by John Murray

    Can me and my wife come and see you all’s place and you all show us where they Romon,

  • Posted on by Patrick Stoneking

    Absolutely stunning.

  • Posted on by Bob Dickhart

    This was so beautiful to watch. Seeing these Bison roam free is very relaxing . Thank you

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