The Autumn Shift


Scenes from around the ranch during the autumn shift.

Tree with yellow leaves

Bull sniffing the air
Buffalo cow walking through prairie grass
Buffalo laying in prairie grass
autumn prairie grass


  • Posted on by Damon

    Beautiful! New England boy here jealous of the beauty of the plains…

  • Posted on by Bette Korber

    Beautiful! Made my day. Now I’m going to check out your recipes, to figure out how to use up the last buffalo meat in the freezer before my new order arrives. Thank you!

  • Posted on by Dwight Washington

    Jill these pictures are fabulous. I can just image what it was like when Bison and Buffalo roam the west unimpeded. It must have been something to see millions of these beautiful animals running free. Thanks so very much for sharing….I do have a question for you or your husband. I noticed in the pictures, (frame 2) the nose on this animal is pugged and the head is not elongated compared to the picture in (frame 3) is there a reason or difference in the two animals?

  • Posted on by Bruce

    Jill, these are stunning. Thanks so much for your awareness and your sharing.?

  • Posted on by Fran

    Thank you so much for touching and moving scenery and bison close-ups. I gifted steaks to a friend from you. Now I can’t wait for him to see your photos now and previous presentations.

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