The Autumn Shift


Scenes from around the ranch during the autumn shift.

Tree with yellow leaves

Bull sniffing the air
Buffalo cow walking through prairie grass
Buffalo laying in prairie grass
autumn prairie grass


  • Posted on by Bob Watland

    Loved the pix and the product. Have a great day God bless you and yours. Thanks

  • Posted on by Carolyn

    would like to order “great Plains Bison”, It has gotten excellent comments. Tell me how? Yes, I am n artist and do many
    western paintings, so greatly enjoy your photos,

  • Posted on by Jerry and Norma Reynolds

    Thank you for showing us more of the beautiful landscape and the magnificent bison! I guess every season change has its special meaning and time of restoration for us all though many times the autumn and winter scenes may not portray it so evidently. All part of the cycles of life.

  • Posted on by Janis

    Photos! Next best thing to visiting in person.

  • Posted on by P. Wefald

    As always I am grateful to be supporting this company. Such a gift.

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