Ground Bison - Basic Cooking Instructions

Grilling: Cooking meat over hot coals or high gas fire. For best results, grill grate should always be clean and positioned close to heat. Inside grill temperature desired 500°. Recommend closing the grill lid during grilling time. 

Pan Searing / Pan Frying: Cooking meat in an oil rubbed heavy skillet, uncovered over medium high heat to high heat. 

Sautéing: Cooking meat quickly, in a small amount of oil or fat over medium high to high heat. If browning meat, sauté in small batches for best results. 

Broiling: Cooking meat in the oven on broil. Second rack placement is best. 

Baking: Cooking in oven at 325° to 375°. This method would be used for meatloaves and casseroles.

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  • Just cooked my first bison burgers.They were delicious cooked medium rare.Next I want to try the steaks.

  • Made our 1st burgers tonight and we are in love!! Only added diced onion and S&P – 4 patties from 1lb, and did about 2mins per side. I don’t think my grill was hot enough (like maybe 475) so next time I am going to wait longer for the grill to get hotter if possible. Burgers were just slightly pinker than I wanted, but tasted great!!!! We are so excited to be new clients and lovers of bison. Thank you!!!

  • Wild Idea Bison burgers tonight in celebration of our first Covid shot!
    Medium rare they will be. 😋


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