Ground Bison - Basic Cooking Instructions





  • Posted on by Nancy

    We grilled burgers with the ground bison/liver mix a few nights ago. We were a little leery given neither of us had ever eaten liver before. The meat seemed moister than the regular ground mix. After reading the recipe comments here I decided to add about 1/3 C of panko bread crumbs to the meat (1 lb.) Cooked on a charcoal grill to 140. The meat was still red and the burgers were delicious!

  • Posted on by Jill OBrien

    Hi Brad. I prefer my burgers toward the medium temp. side of 135 to 140. They are still pink on the inside. A personal preference for sure, but I do not recommend over medium, or temp of 145.

  • Posted on by Brand Smith

    What temp do you cook your burgers to?

  • Posted on by Danny

    Just cooked my first bison burgers.They were delicious cooked medium rare.Next I want to try the steaks.

  • Posted on by Jennifer

    Made our 1st burgers tonight and we are in love!! Only added diced onion and S&P – 4 patties from 1lb, and did about 2mins per side. I don’t think my grill was hot enough (like maybe 475) so next time I am going to wait longer for the grill to get hotter if possible. Burgers were just slightly pinker than I wanted, but tasted great!!!! We are so excited to be new clients and lovers of bison. Thank you!!!

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