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Back to School
Anytime there is a shift in the season, it gets a little bit busier for all with adjusting to new schedules. Jilian and Colton got in one last camping trip on the ranch with the boys before disciplined "back-to-school" bedtime and wake-up time schedules were put into place. Both boys are delighted to be back in the classroom again. Lincoln is in first grade and Barrett is in preschool. 


Dan O'Brien
Recently, Dan was one of the keynote speakers at a gathering of like-minded conservationists called On Common Grounds. The gathering was held in the Loess Hills of Iowa. It was sponsored by Briar Cliff University and brought together both artists and scientists to learn more about efforts to regenerate and protect the grasslands of North America. Little did he know that they would suit him up in non-flammable clothing to help contain a controlled burning of a patch of the Tallgrass Prairie.

The buffalo continue to be on the move, roaming and grazing the cured prairie grasses. They are putting on weight and their coats are growing thicker with each passing day in preparation for the winter months ahead. 

Jill gave the last seasonal tour of the year and has been spending a lot of time in the kitchen. When possible, she's out photographing the wildlife or scheduling play dates with the grandkids. Featured granddaughter Abernathy!

This weekend, we'll be hosting a tradition native buffalo harvest for young native youth, led by Chris White Eagle. All staff are welcome. We hope to bring that story to you in the very near future.
Roam big and stay safe! 


  • Posted on by Marie Tesch

    Everybody looks so contented and the grunts of the Buffalo are delightful. Have a lovely autumn!

  • Posted on by John Bergendahl

    I really enjoy the family insights.

  • Posted on by GAYLE MARSH

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your family stories through words and photos. Always fun to see.

  • Posted on by Donald G Meyer

    I enjoyed watching the video very much. Jill you do a good job with shooting all the pictures. I especially liked the huge wide shot of all the buffalo roaming the plains – there are a whole lot of buffalo out there for sure. I am still eating 1/4# of your buffalo hamburger every day. I must have been eating it for about 15 years at least now, and it keeps me very healthy for sure. I put you and Dan and all your dear ones and workers in the arms of God. Love, Don

  • Posted on by John

    I really enjoy the posts

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