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We often receive notes from customers, thanking us for what we do. They mean so very much, and they truly aid in us getting up everyday and fighting the good fight. The note below did just that, and also made us cry... we are the sensitive types. We are so grateful to you all for allowing us to be a part of your daily gatherings, and for being the glue that drives an improved environment and food supply by bringing back the buffalo. 

Dear Wild Idea,

I wanted to reach out to you all, because I was thinking about Wild Idea yesterday, and how integral you guys have been for my family over the years. I remember filling my freezer with buffalo during my husband’s deployment to pre-plan dinners, making it easier for me to manage feeding everyone when the kids were little, while he was away.
Yesterday, my husband officially retired from the army (it's the end of an era!), and I made rosemary/thyme/garlic butter-basted bone-in buffalo ribeyes, and it got me thinking about how you guys haven't just been there when things were difficult, but also for regular weeknight meals (we love Chorizo tacos, especially after swimming), holidays, and special occasions, like last night! I think that's pretty amazing, and am glad I've been able to rely on you guys throughout the years.
butter-basted bone-in-ribeyes in a black skiller
Table set for celebratory dinner

I just wanted to thank everyone at Wild Idea. We’re moving into a different stage of our lives and have no idea what job will come next, but one thing is certain, Wild Idea will always be at the center of our table, keeping us strong!

The Reeves Family

Wow! Thank you Reeves family, and thank you for your service! We reached out to Maria and asked for her preparation/directions for those fabulous looking Herb Butter Basted Bone-In-Ribeyes. You can get Maria's Recipe here

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    Recipes appropriate for large black cast iron fry pan?


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