Where Our Buffalo Roam & How They Are Raised

Bison in Sweet Clover

Did you know that 90% of the bison raised for food in this country and in Canada are raised in the cattle feed-lot model? Did you also know that confining animals and feeding them a high acid diet, such as grains & corn, make those animals more susceptible to caring dangerous forms of E. coli? After a recent recall on bison products from OTHER brands/producers, we received calls from concerned consumers.

We want to confirm that at Wild Idea Buffalo Company we can’t imagine confining our buffalo or not allowing them to have the freedom to roam throughout their lives. We also go beyond that and insist on dignity in death with our practice of a humane field harvest. We always want to offer you complete transparency in where the bison meat you consume comes from and how it is raised.

Our regenerative, large landscape ranching model is rooted in sustainability for all creatures. By taking care of the land, the land takes care of us and provides a healthy 100% grass-fed/grass-finished red meat alternative for caring consumers - like you. 

Rest assured that the ingredients in our meat are simple: fresh water, prairie grass and pure sunshine. Plus, this year... a little sweet clover.

We hope you enjoy scenes from around the ranch and revel in the life our buffalo live on the diverse prairie in our latest video. 

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  • Thank for all that you do for the bison, the Great Plains, and your customers. I have had a vitamin B12 problem for the last 16 years and I have no issues now since I purchase Wild Idea Buffalo products. I know many vegans who have protein and B12 problems which can ALL be solved by consuming Wild Idea buffalo products. I have nothing against vegans, but they need to follow basic nutrition requirements which can be done easily by their consumption of Wild Idea Buffalo meats and using the wonderful recipes Jill provides with every order.

    Martin Dourte
  • Merci pour ces images paisibles. J’espère venir bientôt dans le Dakota et j’espère pouvoir vous rendre visite.

    Catherine Weber
  • Wow!! Truly a testimony to the beautiful life the Buffalo are living! I can’t thank you enough, Dan and Jill, and the rest of the Wild Idea Team, for all that you do to provide us with the most remarkable products available on this planet!! Truly the BEST of the BEST!!!

    I’ve been vegan/raw vegan for many decades. Last year I was told by my doctors that if I didn’t add meat, fish, and eggs to my diet, I would die in the near future!! Following my team of doctors’ orders, I began my quest to find the BEST meat and fish available. I come from a family of hunters and believe that Wild Game is truly what our human species is supposed to consume. God guided me to your website…and the rest is history! I can’t imagine my life without Wild Idea Buffalo!! Just received my latest HUGE three month supply of meat, organs, soup bones, and kidney fat!! I owe my life to you!! Wish I could share my photo of what arrived at my front door from Wild Idea Buffalo!! It’s a joyous day when I know my glorious Bison products have arrived, so beautifully packed!

    Ironically, here I was vegan for most of my adult life, believing all of the propaganda spread throughout the vegan community. But lab tests and my declining health don’t lie….With Celiac Disease. MTHFR. other Autoimmune Diseases, my DNA cannot tolerate any plants. My doctors now believe that in order to restore my health, I must consume only a nose to tail carnivore diet. I’ve tried local pasture raised beef, lamb, veal, and chicken, but feel very lightheaded and not at my best when I eat these items. So, you can see, that God REALLY knew what HE was doing when HE place Wild Idea Buffalo in my life! You and your pristine Bison are Gifts from God! Thank you SO much for saving my life! 🙏 💖

    Suzanne Alexander
  • what we deem essential cannot be seen but shines understood in the depths of our being.

    thank you for all you bring.

    Blake O'Quinn
  • Beautiful and reminiscent of a bygone era. Loved the books and have been following along from Kansas since reading them. Thank you.

    Ron Sidener
  • Loved it!

    Joyce Cross
  • simply breath taking. This is the true thing. Thank you for all you do.

    Kathryn Vantine
  • Loved the video, and really like the last purchase I made. Thank you and God bless.

    Bob Watland
  • Absolutely beautiful video! Wish our “front yard” looked like that! Thanks to all the Wild Idea family for going the extra mile to care for the land and it’s creatures. We are very happy to be dedicated customers of you and have been more than pleased with all our bison meat purchases!

    Chris and Kim
  • Jeannette – We are required to have identification (ear tags) on our animals in order to graze them on the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands. This does require us to put them in a corral, which we do as gently as possible.

    Jane – The white/grey is mud/dust/dirt. We have had a lot of rain – so mud is everywhere, but they also like to roll in dry wallows to dust themselves. This they do to keep bugs off, or to scent themselves, or to rub off fur.

  • Love the grasslands and your commitment to both the land and the bison. Thank you

    Mark Moench
  • What a treat to observe at such close up range. These bison are so spoiled LOL

    Kathleen Hall
  • I visited Dan and Jill and the buffalo at the ranch and I can assure you it is exactly like this. And their meat does’t taste anything like anything you have ever tasted. AND the amazing things that they have done to regenerate the prairie! As important as the buffs! Also beautiful. I do have a question though. What is the white on them? It looks like it could be dust, grass, pollen???? Curious. Thaanks for all of these wonderful pics and videos!!

  • The beautiful scenes remind of my old home in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. Thank you, once again.

  • Our dog heard the birds when I started watching this and came over to watch with me. What a beautiful video. Thank you!

    Pamela Corcoran

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