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April 17, 2015


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Salami, Onion & Jalapeno Sandwich

This sandwich received national attention on NPR, during Dan O’Brien’s book review for Stolen Horses. In the book the sandwich is constructed with great attention to detail and is a laugh out loud scene. The sandwich is as delicious as the novel! Serve with milk, to balance the jalapeño heat, or use pickled jalapeños to avoid the heat.

Ingredients: (per sandwich)
2 – slices sourdough bread, cut on the bias
4 to 6 – slices Wild Idea Buffalo Salami, cut on the bias
1 or 2 slices - Vidalia onion, cut on the bias
1 – fresh jalapeño, sliced very thin
Dijon Mustard

1)   Prepare all ingredients as suggested above.
2)   Generously spread the Dijon mustard on both slices of sourdough.
3)   Nestle the salami slices into the mustard, as many as you like, on top of one of the mustard covered bread slices.
4)   Top with one or two slices of the Vidalia onion, and desired amount of thinly sliced jalapeno.
5)   Cover with the other mustard covered bread slice and cut in half.

Excellent, sublime, divine, and bueno!

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