Pressure Cooker Tongue

Pressure Cooker Tongue

Shared by Kathleen Hall

Message: Being intimidated by fancy recipes (more than five ingredients), these are my suggestions: I pressure cook w/rosemary & thyme sprigs, onion chopped in big chunks and lots of garlic because I love garlic also chopped in big chunks. Two and a half hours later, you’ve got the richest tasting buffalo out there! The skin is easy to peel off, often pops up off the meat, making it super easy to peel off. Slice and make anything you’d use sliced buffalo for: sandwiches, or with stir fried organic bell peppers over rice, or w/some oven roasted potato chunks, and don’t forget lengua tacos (bits of tongue & pico de gallo or cilantro, onion and a squeeze of lime in a heated corn tortilla) ...SO easy for such a savory cut of buffalo!

Get Wild Idea Buffalo Tongue Here
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