Texas Red Chili



  • Posted on by Marty Halseth

    This is very similar to the recipe I have used for over 35 years. I refined it in cook-offs in central Tx. Biggest difference is instead of beef broth I use two shots of tequila (1 for the pot, 1 for the chef) and 2 Tecates (same proportions). I usually make chili in the morning, and this sharing of ingredients always makes for a good day!

  • Posted on by Bret Bagley

    You’re very wrong about the origins of chili peppers. When Columbus came to the new world in 1492, native Mexicans had been cultivating chili peppers since 3500 BC. The western world, and then in turn Asia and then India, acquired them in the Colombian exchange.

  • Posted on by Robert Anderson

    I have known some folks to add a bottle (or can) of Coca-Cola for a bit of sweetness. Down here on the border in Arizona we can get the Mexican version in the old style bottles. Tastes better than the US product. And as my best friend, a native of Borger, Texas, always said, “Anyone who knows beans about chili knows that chili doesn’t have BEANS!”

  • Posted on by William

    I made some like this a few times I only had deer meat + I used one Large jar of grape jelly & one can of 7-Up just add to the recipe for a little sweetness. I will try this with Bison. Oh my gosh I know this will be good!

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